Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA)

The European's domestic clearing scheme for simplifying the European banking transaction network and processing Euro payments within the SEPA region.

Accepted proof of identity (POI) documents

When applying and creating an account for State Of Cards™ you will need to verify your identity and adress.

Am I affected by the bank account verification process?

If you are clients of State Of Cards™, then we need to verify account. This is to comply with an additional regulatory requirement for application KYC.

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Why is my top-up still pending?

Topping up by card should be instant. If your top-up is still pending, it’s likely that the funds will be reverted back to your bank account shortly.

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My balance hasn't been updated following a bank transfer

Due to compliance reasons, we’re unable to accept top-ups by transfer from certain sources.

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I have not received my State Of Cards

Please double-check the expected delivery date for your card under the “Cards” section of the account.

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I have topped up an account in the State Of Cards payment system, but the funds have not been received.

Please contact our support team. Provide the technicians with your User ID and payment confirmation. Specialists will be able to track your payment and find out at what stage the top up is

How long does it take to check documents?

It usually takes 72 working hours to verify documents.

How can I verify my account?

To pass verification, you must provide the required documents.

How do I change my contact phone number?

Please contact support, specialists will help you change your contact number. Please note that your question will be answered within 72 business hours.

My name and surname in the profile are spelled incorrectly. How can I fix them?

Please don't worry about this. After successfully verifying your documents that you submitted for verification, all your incorrect personal information in your profile will be changed in accordance with the identity document that you submitted for verification.

My State Of Card has been damaged or lost / stolen

Please login to your account and then select “Block your card” or “Lost or stolen”.

My card is not working

Firstly, check if you haven’t accidentally frozen your card. You can check this in the ‘Cards’ section of the State Of Cards account.

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I want to change my email

If your account in the State Of Cards payment system is not verified, contact support and ask to deactivate your account.

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When will the money reach my State Of Cards account

The actual time your bank transfer will take from the moment it is initiated to the moment it reaches your State Of Cards account depends on many factors...

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What if I forget my password?

If you have forgotten your password,

forgot password
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Why is my account not active?

Your account will become active when the verification process of all your documents is complete. The verification result will be sent to you by e-mail.

How can I correct a mistake in the questionnaire?

To correct your profile data, contact our support team by email and ask to reset your profile form so that you can fill in the correct information.

Why was I charged a fee for my top-up?

Only loading channel to State Of Cards is bank transfer from your bank.

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Can I send my documents to support by email for verification?

Please note that all documents related to verification must be submitted in a specially designated section of your account in the State Of Cards payment system. You cannot send documents for verification neither via the support service or by e-mail.

My State Of Cards is due to expire

You’ll find your card expiry date on your card.

card expire
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Verifying your identity

You need to verify your identity in order to use your State Of Cards™ account.

How can I register and verify minors?

Unfortunately, persons under the age of 18 cannot register with the State Of Cards payment system. Only clients aged 18 and over are eligible to register in the system and undergo full verification.