Why is my top-up still pending?

Topping up by card should be instant. If your top-up is still pending, it’s likely that the funds will be reverted back to your bank account shortly. If the problem remains, please contact our help department via mail to: help@northstarswiss.com and mark the subject “pending top-up”. Why has my top-up failed? Some of the most common reasons are that you’ve had insufficient funds, input wrong card details (expiry date, CVC, billing address), or used an expired card. They also might have declined our authorization request for various reasons. We also have a daily top-up limit for recently added top-up cards, so please wait until the next day if you have just added a new card and topped up successfully with it before. This daily limit will be increased automatically after a few top-ups. If you need more funds before your limit has been increased, you can top up by bank transfer.

Last updated on 14th February 2024

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